Homeless Identification

Please review the information and slide show below, then take the quiz the bottom.

Joseph City Unified School District ensures that homeless children and youths enroll in and have a full and equal opportunity to succeed in our district. The law requires that homeless students be enrolled immediately. Schools cannot refuse to enroll a homeless student for lack of records (school records, transcripts, IEP, MET, birth certificate, or immunization records) or proof of a home address. School personnel are to enroll and have students attend school while records are requested.  Please review the information below and take the quiz.

All educational services will be available for all of our students:

English Acquisition Services/ELL (if eligible)



Head Start


Special Education (if eligible)

Food Services

If there is a question about a student’s living situation, we encourage school personnel to contact Joseph City School's Homeless Education Liaison, Bryan Fields, at (928) 288-3307, ext. 338 or at bryanf@jcusd.org.