Joseph City Foundation

The Joseph City Foundation is a non-profit corporation formed to promote and support the interests of Joseph City Schools, the community and its people.

What we do...

Support Joseph City Schools

Joseph City Schools and its traditions of excellence are central to our people and the quality of life in our community. Your contributions to the JC Schools Fund provides resources for students, staff, sports, arts, educational programs and enrichment activities.

Provide scholarships to students

Through your generosity, JC Foundation awards scholarships to individuals with financial need and a record of service to others.

Serve our community

Donations and volunteerism drive our community service efforts. The Food Bank program helps children and their families, the elderly, and others fight food insecurity in Joseph City. When something needs done, the people of Joseph City have a beautiful tradition of coming together and making things happen. The Joseph City Foundation stands ready to help.

Plan for the future

The Joseph City Foundation is bringing together people, resources and organizations to help ensure a bright future for our town and our children. As the Cholla Power Plant closure nears, we are helping to coordinate the assets, ideas and dreams of community members with Arizona Public Service, Arizona State University, Northland Pioneer College, county, state and Federal governments, and other stakeholders. We are working together to develop, fund, and bring to fruition a plan to assist our community with economic development and restoration as we transition to a "post-coal power plant" era.